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I am currently working as a Product Designer at CORGI HomePlan which is part of the OVO Group. Coming from a background in interaction design, I strive to produce solutions with users at the heart of the process, basing design decisions on in-depth user research. I am fascinated by technology and its impact on our lives as we interact with ever-changing systems. My experience as a designer has placed me in the unique position of being able to carry out research, align teams, design solutions and improve operations.

My Logo

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I attended The Glasgow School of Art and gained a Bachelor of Design in Interaction Design with first class honours. I felt privileged to have the opportunity to merge art and design with technology – two passions since childhood. The course constantly evolved to push boundaries and challenge our ideas. As students we were required to apply imagination, creativity and vision to technological innovation.

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For my final year on Interaction Design I created an application called HouseMate, built in honour of Irene Isobel Michie, a Glasgow School of Art student who had a passion for art and technology throughout her life. She suffered with dementia for many years before she passed away in 2006 and I envision HouseMate to be an application created to return some dignity and independence to anybody living with the disease.

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